Rapid Antigen Testing in Schools

Use Rapid Antigen Testing to maintain a safe school environment

Rapid Antigen Tests are a vital public health tool allowing immediate identification and isolation of people who are currently infectious. 

Many schools have commenced regular testing on community members, including staff and students, to ensure communities remain safe, and disruptions to schooling is minimised.

The EcoTest COVID-19 Antigen Saliva Pens – or Rocket Pens as we like to call them because of both their shape and speed in which the test is completed - use saliva to test for the presence of COVID-19. The pen is simply held in the mouth for two minutes, and then clicked into the base.

Our Rocket Pens are unique to other Rapid Antigen Tests in that they can be easily used by almost all ages – making it suitable for implementation in schools as part of its regular COVID-19 surveillance program. Watch this 20 second video to see just how simple Rocket Pens are to use. 

There are no awkward nasal swabs or fiddly droppers involved making these tests both easy for schools to dispense and simple for students and staff to use to access accurate results in 15 minutes. 

Our Rocket Pens are available for individual sale in 2, 5, 192 or 240 packs and we also offer bulk pricing for schools. If you’re interested in receiving a demonstration on the Rocket Pen please contact our team so that we can organise a sample or a time to visit you.

Rapid Antigen Testing in Schools - TGA approved


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